Fill Your Life with Good Memories


If we recall and keep only the memories that made us feel inspired, motivated, blessed and in loved, our day would be brighter.

Fr. Allen de Guzman, OP was right. To have a happy life, one must be a person with good memories. Last Sunday, I joined the Advent Recollection facilitated by Fr. Allen in Tagaytay City, Philippines and among the points that struck my head is the idea of developing good memories.

Good memories make us smile. When we recall something that is pleasing, let’s say a friend’s joke, sweet moments with your love one, or even a single gaze from your crush, the laughter, happiness or the excitement that comes with it is relived. In my case, I don’t usually remember details of the past. But I can still remember the feeling of being in that experience.

This makes memories really powerful. Even they are objects of the past, our heart could still remember the feeling they have brought in our life. For this reason, as Fr. Allen have emphasized, we should make the habit of keeping only the pleasant memories in our “memory banks.” We should consider letting go of our bad memories that haunt us and continue to hold us back to move on.

It’s quite difficult, eh? Fr. Allen has a good tip. Fill your memory bank with good memories.

According to him, our memory banks are limited. It can’t keep everything we have experienced in our life. He has a point in saying that we couldn’t even recall the first song we have sung in school. It is a simple proof that memories do not always linger in our hearts. By filling our hearts with lots of good memories, we may eventually stop thinking bad experiences and then start to move on. It is like pouring 5 litres of water continuously into a glass of coke. Gradually, the coke spills as it flows out from the glass until the crystal clear water remains.

Memories are powerful indeed. Consciously or unconsciously, our memories affect our judgement and outlook in life. If our memories are filled with regrets, fear, resentment and so on, our life would be miserable. But if we recall and keep only the memories that made us feel inspired, motivated, blessed and in loved, our day would be brighter. Perhaps it is a step towards a life of fulfilment, gratitude and grace.

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8 responses to “Fill Your Life with Good Memories

  1. This is true, but at the same time it is also true that one not necessarily need happy memories to be “happy.” Take, for example, some holy souls who have had terrible lives – abusive childhoods, neglect growing up, abandonment from others, and some have even ended up in terrible prison camps, etc.

    Some of the most heroic souls came out of circumstances like these – and while they may not have had a surplus of happy exterior memories to draw from, their interior lives made up for that abundantly.

    On the other hand, some have spent a lifetime amassing happy memories, only to be miserable at the end. Go figure. 🙂

    But happy memories can certainly help – as long as they are not our focus and goal of all goals. God bless you!

    • Thanks for the insight! Well perhaps they have already transcended these not-so-good memories and find a deeper meaning out of it. In doing so, they realize that they are not mere bitter memories but in fact chances of proving their strength. But then of course we must face the reality that not all people think this way. That’s why thinking positive is a good move (well, at least maybe one’s first step) to bring these not-so-good memories in a better light. Again, thanks for dropping by!

      I started following your blog after reading your nice insights. God bless 🙂

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