So I Stopped Writing

For some reasons, I stopped posting in WordPress. I was busy lately and my preoccupation with so many things hindered me to update this blog even for once a week. Before even knowing it, I lost the eagerness to write. Recently, I’ve been laying-out brochures, shirt designs, posters and yes, even photos we upload in our seminary’s Facebook Page and had no time to sit before my laptop to write something until now. Am I experiencing a sort of dryness in writing perhaps?

And so here I am. I’m salvaging my blog from a disastrous decline of stat views by starting over again. I just have in mind random thoughts. And every random thought is accompanied with certain feeling. Emotion. Disposition. I can’t even believe the randomness of what I am writing now. Heck.

Well, I have to admit that many things happened between deadlines and that is what I’m beginning to cope from by now. Moreover, I was so engrossed with work that I suddenly found myself too exhausted. My mind pushes me to move beyond it but by body was pleading for a break. I have to tame these two or else, perhaps I’ll suffer a breakdown.

One thing I have still with me though is the disposition to pray. And prayer pulls everything back when I feel that I’m breaking. I’m grateful to the Lord that in these moments of busy days, he didn’t give up on me. Prayer sustained me and rescued me from becoming a zombie—someone who lives the day working but finding everything meaningless. Pausing for a while provided opportunities for introspection. And bit by bit, from introspection creativity again comes in, and so writing.

The fact that I’m posting this now tells me that I can write again. Maybe the days of dryness in writing are over… or maybe not. Whether I’m still in the dryness or not, I have no choice but to grab that pen and scribble something. Or else, I will never make it to the deadline. Do you know what I’m referring to? Thesis—a student’s ticket for graduating philosophy.

Sigh. For the love of God.

7 responses to “So I Stopped Writing

  1. happy you are back, Wayfarer. I for one, would like to hear more about your thesis. how about posting insights that you gain from your study from time to time?

    • I’m happy to do so. For that, perhaps I’ll share some things about it after some time. It’s nice to have some thoughtful people around like you. God bless 🙂

  2. Hi Ben, glad to see you kept writing. This post reminded me somewhat of Psalm 13. David was at an impasse spiritually and felt defeated but ultimately through prayer was pulled through it by the Lord. The Lord is good. Thanks for following my blog.

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