Spam Loves Bloggers

Spams. Perhaps this is one of the things that many bloggers encounter once in a while. At present, I’ve seen 7 spams in my folder and every time I read them they don’t miss to amuse me. Don’t get me wrong though. Like for many of us, spams irritate me especially with their futile disguise as a message from an overwhelmed follower who would say, “Hey, nice blog your ideas are very informative and click the link to be hshzsdklsjdasdioasjakldakdja.” But this is the same reason why I find spam messages rather amusing. Their senseless words are just simply funny.

For example:

Very nice post, i certainly love this web site, keep on it ekekececaefk

Hey SEO program was good. Your blog was awesome. Checkout the laundry drier sdkjfkasdfhasdawsh

Amazing that i encounter such blog. from now on im checking this how-to-burn-fats-in10-days ekkkeeeekkkkkkldsldflasd.

And believe me, they were posted as comments to a philosophy article.

Just as curious how these messages are actually sent is the origin of the word itself. Spam is a trademark for a canned meat product and one would wonder why in the world it is used to name these senseless messages. It turned out that the word was once used for fun in one of the episodes of the British television series Monty Python’s Flying Circus where it is repeatedly chanted to override a dialogue. Spams in emails and social media work in this way: they are repeatedly sent to reach large number of recipient just to link people to advertisements. Oftentimes they come along with crazy messages, faking an attempt to interaction just to boost the link’s traffic. One time, I was included in a group message in Facebook and like me, every one of us were surprised to be there. The culprit? A spam.

Spams, chain messages, pictures of poor patients with type-amen-if-you-believe-he-will-be-cured posts are just sometimes annoying especially when you sense it is pointless to have them in your email, facebook or blog. But is it not even more annoying to have trolls in your comment section? Perhaps all these things are just part of a blogger’s life.

So if ever you’ll receive a spammy post in the future from me, please let me know. Maybe I was just hacked. If you don’t, just simply ignore it and hsjkdhdfjlsjdfasfjljffyiwetyuofjlkhasdfakfalffkdjfsajsj.

10 responses to “Spam Loves Bloggers

  1. The spams are sent using custom scripts. The scripts are ran through a server and the server injects the spam into hundreds of blogs per second. The good thing is that people who have Akismet enabled on their blog detect this spam very easily and prevent them from appearing publicly on your blog comments. If it doesn’t detect it then you can easily report it and it helps add to the database of spammers to help other bloggers.

  2. I try not to spam people who don’t want to be. But for those who don’t mind I send one message a week on Saturday to let everyone know what’s coming up for the next week. I won’t leave that message for you since seeing this. In way’s I agree with you, but in way’s if you don’t reach out to people how are you going to have a successful business?

    • Hope you don’t get me wrong with this post. What I have in mind are mindless, random posts sent in large number by servers to blogs.. in other words by computers to people! If you don’t mind, please feel free to send those messages you were talking about to me. I’d love to have them.

      With every good wish, Ben.

  3. Get Askimet. It learns. I received up to 300 spam emails after my blog got indexed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo. That was when I sought a solution and found Askimet. Now I get may one spam email a month. All the others are summarily taken care of my Askimet.

    • Ah, yes. Those ‘spammy’ ones that was simply dropped to imply, ‘Hi. I actually never read the entry but by simply looking at the title, I think it’s good.” 🙂

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