Hindi Ako Galit


Hindi ako galit, nag-iisip lang.

Tutal mali pala ang akala ko,

Habang kasabay kita sa daan.


Hindi ako galit, nagsasarili lang.

Tutal dito rin naman ang uwi ko,

Pagkatapos kitang samahan.


Hindi ako galit, nagpapakalayo lang.

Tutal sanay ka namang tawagin ako,

Tuwing may kailangan ka lang.


Hindi ako galit, nalulungkot lang.

Tutal bakit pa kailangang ipag-alam,

Ni hindi nga pala ako kaibigan?



15 responses to “Hindi Ako Galit

  1. want to try a translation into English? happy to help. Google translate turns it into this, but misses some bits & mistranslates others, I think:
    I’m not angry, just thinking.
    After all turned out wrong I suppose,
    While at the same time by the way.

    I’m not angry, just independently.
    After all it’s also my home,
    Then join us.

    I’m not angry, just nagpapakalayo.
    After you wont always call me,
    Whenever you need something just.

    I’m not angry, just sad.
    After all why should require informed,
    By the way I am not a friend?

    • Thank you Annette. I tried to make a translation upon seeing your post. But I eventually gave up because it ended up different from the original thought in Tagalog. 🙂

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