My Mother is a Jejemon

I woke up one day with this strange text from Mama:

,,,Halu anak. Sori kng d aq nakarepz kagav z naka2log n aq. Mzta ü? Ok ka lng?

Since the advent of cellphone in her history, she turned out as the most notorious texter in the family. From time to time I receive chain messages from her such as “APONG NAZARENO, IPANALANGIN MO KAMI. Ipasa mo ito sa 5 na tao tapos mag-wish ka…” and “PAKI OFF ANG MGA PHONES NIYO NG 10:30 PM NGAYONG GABI HANGGANG 3:30 AM KASI MALAKAS ANG RADIATION DAHIL SA COSMIC RAYS, NUCLEAR ATOMIC. BINALITA NI KUYA KIM TSAKA NG BBC SA TV. DELIKADO ITO… PAKIPASA PO SA LAHAT PARA ALAM NILA.” I don’t know if she was aware that she was subscribed to a ringback tone called “Kabit.” And I’m not sure either if she knows that she sends her text twice always. But the way she composes her text now gives me the impression that mama is no longer just a notorious texter. I suspect that my mother has now become a jejemon.

cosmic rays

One of the chain messages I received from mama


That morning’s message was the proof. She used to spell words completely even if her message would come in three parts. Finally accepting this recent change in my life as her son and receiver of her texts, I decided to check out my Sent Items in order to really know to what message she was replying to. To my surprise it was just a random, “Hi musta? Hay nako :/ ” I sent it to my brother and sister after finishing a tiresome required reading assignment and I forgot that I forwarded it to mama as well. But of them all, it was her who bothered to ask how I feel that morning. She may be the most notorious textmate—jejemon textmate for that matter—one could have, but she never fails to sense even my slightest sigh. Like a shepherd to his sheep, mama knows when I feel happy or sad, hungry or angry. She’s familiar with my mood swings and knows very well how to make the day fine for me. If a person like her can be so loving and caring, how much more God himself? Such thought gives me consolation. There are always people around us, like our mothers, who amazingly care for us.

I replied as usual, asking her if she already took breakfast that morning. After some minutes, I received her reply:

Oo kumain na ako. Anong oras ka na natulog kagabi? Huwag ka kasi masyadong magpuyat.

I was confused. The previous night, she composed her text the way any jejemon teenager does. Later, I asked  her about such change of style, and I learned that she asked my niece that time to compose the text for her since she couldn’t do it by herself because she lost her glasses for a while. Relief came to me after learning that mama is jejemon negative. Order returned to the universe

Meanwhile she also informed me that she’s planning to put up her own Facebook account. So I’m bracing myself in the days to come for floodlikes, comments, and worst, spammy prayer intentions that demand “TYPE AMEN” in the comment box. Sigh. Mothers do crazy things sometimes. But nevertheless, they remain always as that loving person who crazily cares for us. If heaven is a place for such amazing people, there must be many mothers up there. Yes, this is actually a Happy-Mothers’-Day post. 🙂

7 responses to “My Mother is a Jejemon

  1. This is sweet 🙂
    In my case, after a day’s work, receiving a “how’s ur day?” text (either in jejemon language or not) from mom would always complete my day.

  2. I was giggly reading this post. But I also find this touchy (missing my mom now). Mine doesn’t only have FB but she also have a twitter and instagram account. I find it cool tho. I think yours is trying to get in touch with you and want to be updated even just by reading your FB posts. 🙂 Sweet!

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