About That “Space of Life”

“The imagination of a boy is healthy, and the mature imagination of a man is healthy; but there is a space of life between, in which the soul is in a ferment, the character undecided, the way of life uncertain, the ambition thick-sighted: thence proceeds mawkishness, and all the thousand bitters which those men I speak of must necessarily taste in going over the following pages.”

John Keats, Preface to the Endymion, 1818

My name’s Mervin OP, a professed religious brother in the Dominican Order. I am a Pinoy prayle under clerical formation who, since upon entering religious life in 2013, has been engaged with different apostolates—from promoting Marian devotion to meeting young people in retreats and recollections. Currently, I am involved in the Dominican Students’ Media Center, the social communications media apostolate of our seminary.

This blog features my personal musings, random thoughts about Dominican life and spirituality, and all other crazy misadventures that happen within that which John Keats calls “space of life.”

38 responses to “About That “Space of Life”

  1. Hi, Ben! sa introduction pa lang…okeng oke na. bilib ako sa humility mo…at sa ginagawa mo. Keep it up! follower mo ako. thanks pala at natiso mo ang isa kong nasulat. Kung about Christianity, marami na rin akong naisulat, yon nga lang, marami rin akong nasagasaan, You can check my earlier blogs. After encountering your site, I will change my style – yong walang sinisisi. GBU!

  2. Hi Brother Ben, in my case I always like to read the introductions and I like the way you introduce yourself. I wish I could do the same… I am always in hiding. hahaha

  3. I’m hoping to learn a lot from you. You seem to be a deep-thinker (my vocabulary is very limited, sorry) and you have an awesome blog by the way. Thanks for the follow! I

    Keep writing! Keep blogging!

  4. Hi Ben – thanks for following my blog! Like you, I am interested in literature, some philosophy and cats…well, I recently discovered I’m allergic to cat fur so I now have to keep my distance. I’ll continue exploring your blog.

    • Thanks for returning the favor! I’m actually seeking out pinoy bloggers in WordPress and so I found your site. I think I’m going to receive some #teathoughts once in a while from now on. 🙂

    • Thoughtful people like you inspires me a lot! Thank you for making me smile. With every good wish and blessing. Ben.

      • ah, haha.. akala ko puro kung ano na lang ang mag f-follow sa’kin dito pero thanks. at least may pilipino ding makakabasa ng mga posts ko.

  5. Ben, Thanks so much for following Heart of Life Poetry. I really appreciate it. I happened to come across this youtube playlist about cats earlier today, and reading your About page, I think you might like it. : ) I sure enjoyed some of these videos:

  6. Thank you for reading about the Servants of Charity. If you are ever in Manila or Legazpi, seek us out. We would love to have you come by to experience first hand the way we live out our Christian discipleship!!

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